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Unfortunately, as you can see, since we were forced to remove our game files not much is happening here.
One of the reasons is a complete lack of time mostly consumed by real-life and second... hmmm... I don't really know but there is nothing to be suprised about, is there? There are no roms and the stats are droping quickly so it seems that there is no need to be writing news or expanding our site since all you are looking for are roms. I can see that in all the letters I receive. Either you ask where are the roms (this means that you didn't even bother to read the explenation on our site) or where to find them. Roms are all over the internet and it's very easy to find them so please use search engines.
What now? We'll wait and see. There is nothing to look for on Emuraj for now, but if this changes by any chance you'll know about it from other sites in the net.
Thanks for theese few years of warm cooperation, backup and harsh words, which sometimes motivated us to work harder :)


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and after we return we will be offering good gaming sites:

30 MB space (more if needed)
1500 MB bandwidth
Perl 5.8
PHP 4.2.2
mySQL database 3.23.52
python 2.2

Hosting Requirements:

atleast 150 hits per day
1 of my buttons on everypage
no warez/illegal stuff of any kind
good design

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